Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What To Do???

So I have always been concerned in my life that I never had something to call my own. Like a talent or a hobby. It has really really bothered me and it is something I have always struggled with. I tried a couple things, but not having the resources or the money really hindered some of the things I've always wanted to try. Mostly, it was money. Now that I have the time too, I think I am going to start trying new things and find "my thing"! Kevin loves to golf, that is definitely "his thing". But he also loves to read and learn about finance and success (he is a business finance major). So, here are some ideas I have compiled together. 

I have ALWAYS loved doing makeup and being a girly-girl. So, last summer I started to experiment. Here are some pictures of makeup ideas I created... 

Now don't make fun, in most of these I was in the process of growing out my eyebrows...

                                           Light gold and green shimmer:

                                           Purple, pink, and yellow:

                                           Smoky black and silver:

                                           Purple, blue, green, and yellow:

                                           Purple, pink, and white:

So those are just a few ideas, my new favorite pin-up girl look is what I do day to day and will put on some other time when I compile more looks. Since I don't have time for beauty school, this fetish I have will probably never go anywhere. So here is my list of other hobby ideas I'd love to try...







and GOLF

I think that about sums it up. And I'd like to begin with ballet! There is an adult beginners class I found here and would like to start that this summer! If I can, I'd like to start golf lessons as well, just because of the season. 

But, my absolute number one thing I cannot wait to begin is....being a mother. I know that that is my destiny. I have never wanted anything more and know I will be a phenomenal mother.  But, until then, I'd still like to find something I can do for fun in my spare time.

BTW I love mermaids

Here I go! To find "MY THING"! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have recently bought a puppy! She is 6 weeks old and we have had her about one week now. She is a pure-breed shih tzu. Very rare, all black female. She was born March 24, just 5 days after by birthday. She is the most playful, spunky little sweetheart. I just lover her to pieces...and Kevin, I think it might take a little while haha. We decided to call her Rooksie because Kevy and I love to play the card game rook, and a rook is a black bird.  Then, since she is a girl, we added "sie". 

My Kevy is currently in New York City on a scholarship. He is there for a week, and I am home alone. So I'm glad he let me get a dog before he left to keep me company. And so far it's working. She is a lot of work to train and keep entertained. But I couldn't be happier. Well, if Kevin was home I would be happier. But I am so proud of him and glad he gets this great opportunity to network with presidents, CFO's, CEO's, and owners of companies in NYC and on wall street. I admire his goal oriented, planning, ambitious mind set. He is so smart and loves a challenge. And on top of everything, he is the best husband I could have ever asked for. I really am blessed. :D

Before he left we went to the Melting Pot, so delicious...