Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Months Old

I love to squeak.
All the time.
My mommy and daddy call me Squeaks.
And I sure do live up to the name.
I am still in 0-3 clothes.
But Mommy puts me in the super cute 3-6 month ones sometimes.
I can roll over!
So Mommy stopped swaddling me when I sleep.
If not, I can't lift my head up with my strong arms.
Thanks for keeping me safe, Mom.
I'm sleeping about 10 hours at night now.
I suck on my hands all day long.
And I love baths.
I reached out for the first time the other day.
I "pet" Beignet, my puppy brother.
I love tummy time and squeak away during it.
I started facing out in my Baby Bjorn when we go for walks.
I can see so much more and I love it!
I don't really suck on any binky anymore.
I just push them out with my tongue.
When I smile I like to stick my tongue out too.
It's cute.
I can almost laugh.
I'm getting so close.
I can do one, kind of, grunt laugh for a half a second.
But then I'm done.
It's hard!
But mommy and daddy try every day to make me laugh.
Hopefully soon.
When Mommy holds my body up I like to pretend I can walk.
It really looks more like marching than walking.
I lift my knees way high.
And go left, right, left.
Or as my Aunty Robynn in the army would say,
"Leeeft, leeeeft, left, right, left".
She's deployed and I haven't met her yet.
I can't wait!

Luvs. Dezi.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Love Me, Love Me

Love this sweater way too much.
I think I have worn it every day this week.
You can think 'eew, gross' but we all know you've done it too.
Don't worry, I've washed it a couple times.
And I wore these adorable shoes for the first time today.
Finally feeling back to my old self after having my cutie pie.
I know you're totally digging the in-my-hallway pix too.
Haters gonna hate.

Sweater (on sale for a limited time!) ~ Shoes

Can't seem to get that darn song outta my head!!
"Love me, love me, SAY that you love me..."


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Book Club Picnic

I am in a book club.
I feel oh so sophisticated saying that I am.
But let's be honest.
I rarely read the books.
And all we do is get together and chat.
Maybe, maybe, the book is discussed for a short period of time.
It's an attempt.
But really it's just an excuse for all of us girlfriends
to set a date each month to get together.

I was the host this month.
I chose Snapper by Brian Kimberling
Don't read it.
I read one chapter and even THAT was hard.
I hate reading.
And when a book doesn't draw me in within the first 10 pages...
I easily give up.
It was on Oprah's "must read - humorous book list".
So I thought it might be a good one.
Anyways, I still had fun setting up for our get together. 
I set up blankets in the backyard.
Had some pillows.
Set up a station for our chicken salad wraps.
And even set up a mister in front of a fan in case it got too hot!
I know.
Then plugged in my iHome and had Kina Grannis playing.
She's legit for this kind of cuteness.
Wish I took more pix of the actual set up of my picnic.
But here's me and a few of my good friends that were able to come.
Chantel, Lyndsi, and Tricia.
*Sad you couldn't make it Shalese, Aubree, and Mery*


Monday, July 15, 2013

BlushingRosies Photography???

I'm too impatient for photoshop right now.
So deal with the unphotoshopped pictures.
But I recently finished a photography class through the UofU.
Non credit.
I forgot how much I hate just going to class.
But I have learned so much!
Now the test is whether I apply it nicely or not.
Here's a few samples of my photos.
I'll get around to editing some and post them later.
Maybe once I understand photoshop a little more.

Big thanks to my models and best friends
Allie and Michelle.
And to Desiree and her future husband,
Michelle's son,


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Proud to be an Americadian

While I was, I dunno, maybe half way through pregnancy
Kevin looked at me and said,
Ah crap, our baby is going to be half Canadian!
Oh Kevy.
'Tis true, I was born and raised in Canada.
So this little munchkin,
Although born in the USA,
Is 50% Canadian.
I am proud to be both.

So on top of celebrating Canada Day (July 1st)
And Independence Day,
Brett, Kevin's little brother, got his mission call!

Drum roll please.... (that's what Kevy is doing in the pic ha)

Called to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Mexico, Monterey East.
Spanish speaking.
He leaves October 30th!

One excited Mama!

Celebratory dinner at Red Lobster.
(Desiree is trying to decide what to order)

 We spent the 4th of July-day at the pool!
Yay for the first time in the water!
She hated it at first haha.
It was cute.
But when she got used to it and was fine,
we got in trouble for using our camera.
So you'll just have to take my word for it.

Then that evening we met up with my parents.
Went to Sandy City Hall to watch the fireworks and enjoy the band.

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson.