Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have recently bought a puppy! She is 6 weeks old and we have had her about one week now. She is a pure-breed shih tzu. Very rare, all black female. She was born March 24, just 5 days after by birthday. She is the most playful, spunky little sweetheart. I just lover her to pieces...and Kevin, I think it might take a little while haha. We decided to call her Rooksie because Kevy and I love to play the card game rook, and a rook is a black bird.  Then, since she is a girl, we added "sie". 

My Kevy is currently in New York City on a scholarship. He is there for a week, and I am home alone. So I'm glad he let me get a dog before he left to keep me company. And so far it's working. She is a lot of work to train and keep entertained. But I couldn't be happier. Well, if Kevin was home I would be happier. But I am so proud of him and glad he gets this great opportunity to network with presidents, CFO's, CEO's, and owners of companies in NYC and on wall street. I admire his goal oriented, planning, ambitious mind set. He is so smart and loves a challenge. And on top of everything, he is the best husband I could have ever asked for. I really am blessed. :D

Before he left we went to the Melting Pot, so delicious...

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