Monday, October 28, 2013

Six Months Old

Two days late...

I can't believe I'm half way to my first birthday!
Then I can eat lots and lots of cake!
I have my 6 mo. appointment and shots later today.
And the go-ahead to start eating rice cereal!
Don't know how that'll go down, 
but Mommy and Daddy are sure excited to start me on solids!
I got my ears pierced a week and a half ago.
They are a little sore.
Hopefully they heal soon.
But I look stinking adorable!
I've been full blown crawling for about 2 weeks now.
And I can pull myself up on almost anything!
When I'm done my nap I like to wait for Mommy, standing straight up in my crib.
I have two little chompers that came through within the last 2 weeks.
And I babble a ton now that I have them.
And I like to move my head back and forth while holding a toy still in my mouth.
It makes a squeaking noise against my teeth and I love it.
I'm excited for Halloween on Thursday.
Mommy is Wendy, Daddy is Peter Pan, and I am Tinker Bell.
I know.
My Auntie Robynn got home from deployment last week and is in debriefing now.
I get to meet her for the first time in one week!
I am sooooo excited!
Then my Uncle Brett leaves on his mission in a week and a half.
He is going to Mexico, Moneterey East.
And when he gets back I may have a little brother or sister the age I am now!
I will sure miss him.
And hopefully by the time he calls for Mother's Day I will be able to say a word or two to him.

Luvs. Desiree.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


It was about a month ago now that I went to visit Mom and Tom in Smoot, WY.
But it was a good little, relaxing, beautiful getaway.
Smoot is very small, but I LOVE it, so pretty!
It reminds me of my hometown, Priddis.
(I wanted to name Deisree, Priddis but Kevin wouldn't allow it)
Maybe the next girl. ;)
Thanks for letting us crash at your new vacation cabin Mama!
Side note: the first UofU game was played when we went.
Helps to explain all the red awesomeness.

The first church in WY (I think).

And it's fun playground out back...seriously. I loved it.

Gorgeous landscapes with pretty darn good looking people too. 
(while Mom and Tom checkout the garage sales!)

Downtown Afton

A real cowgirl at heart. Just like her Mommy and Nana.

"The Antler Arch"

Go Utes!

Taking a breather with Nana and Papa.

Strapped in and ready for the hike up to Intermittent Springs.

Made it to the top!

Where the spring comes out of the mountain.
It's really neat, every 18 min. the waterfall rushes out, then completely dries up!
Not man made, well except that landing we are standing on.
Mother Nature is pretty cool.

Pooped from the hike.

Kevy and I went out to dinner to try and find a restaurant with a TV so we could watch the game.
No luck.
We ended up being able to stream it from Mom's laptop and hooked it up to the TV.
Kevin would've died.

 After Sunday church before we went back home.
My little angel princess.

My heart throb.

What a great weekend Mom and Tom!
Let's do it again soon!
*thanks Nana Lewis (my Mom's Mom) for Desiree's perfect yellow Sunday dress*

Luvs. Rosie.