Friday, July 29, 2011


This week has been such a crazy week. Kevy and I started to pack everything in our apartment. We are moving out by Saturday.

Kevy is so cute, he found his favorite Burberry scarf and wore it while we started to pack

Anyways, so we are moving out, I've already worked 6 shifts in a row at Care Source (the last of them being a graveyard shift), so I am exhausted. But we HAVE to pack. Along with that I had to find a new tenant, so I was getting calls all the time, emailing people, setting up times to show the apartment, showing the apartment while we are taking it apart! It was a nightmare! Then I work my last shift as a Certified Nurse Assistant yesterday. And oh was it a rough day. One of my patients made me cry, he just ripped me a new one. Basically when I told him we were getting in the shower, as sweetly as I did, he still just blew up at me. Said I was making his dying experience awful and I was always nagging him (this was my first time ever meeting this patient). Anyways, I was pretty upset. Then the rest of the day he was a sweetheart, weird. And with all this, Kevin had signed up for a golf tournament in Wendover, like months ago. He feels so bad it all happened this weekend. Because we were never planning on moving out now! But he already paid for it, and he has been talking about it all summer! So I am here missing him SOOOO bad! Then, it was all made better...

I come home to this

I have told Kevin purple roses are my absolute favorite. They smell the best. :D And so he had ordered me a beautiful bouquet of them! It just made everything better. And on top of it the applicants we liked for the apartment passed their credit and background check with flying colors and all the papers are signed and they move in Monday! So all I have to worry about is packing. And my beau, my heartbeat, my flame, comes home tonight!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Weekend

Saturday night Kevy and I went to the drive-in movies with our friends Jason and Jessi Holm. We watched Captain America, which I loved, and then they played Transformers 3. Kevy and I already saw it and I had worked a 12 hour shift that day, so I was super tired, so we went home. But it was cool to watch all the fireworks going off all around us while the movie was playing. 

Thanks Aaron, for letting us use your truck!

Then on the 24th of July Kevy and I gave talks in the Federal Heights Rehab ward. There was maybe 10 of us, 5 being members of our ward conducting, and 5 elderly people, half of which were asleep. It was pretty funny. But I talked about how we can be pioneers today, and the ultimate pioneer, our Savior. And Kev talked about Zion's Camp. Then we went to my parents house where my little brother had a BBQ, one they did in his mission. BBQ some yummy steak and wrap it in a tortilla, simple, and yummy! Then we brought fruit and dip, chips, and drinks. My parents were out of town on a motorcycle trip to British Columbia. So it was just the three of us...

Then on Monday we went out to Dinner at Mimi's Cafe

This whole week we will be moving out of our are a couple before and after pictures of when we first moved in, to now. I will miss it here, it's so cute and cozy. 

Opening the door to our little apartment

 Right when we walked in....very white. That right wall is actually a light blue, not cute.

Then Mom and I busted out the paint...

 The bathroom after we painted it

Then we got flooded and they changed the linoleum, which looked AWFUL with green walls, so I repainted it a creamy yellow.

Our bedroom after we painted it

Our bedroom after we got our new pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond, throw from Dillards, and bedspread from Z Gallery, love that place!

Our front room after it was painted

After paint, I love the accent wall. The paint is called hot chocolate. yum.

Our small, but beautiful kitchen

Some good memories made here. I just hope we can fill the place before we move out by August 1st! Wish us luck! It was fun while it lasted. I will miss this place. :(

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Hair and 7-11 Free Slurpee Day!

So it took 6 months...but I finally got to the hair I wanted...for now ;) 



 Right before I left to get the finishing touches you can see I was way too dark

Ready to get started

 After the salon...little disappointed, my own hair was still too dark for the extensions

After (and very happy with the results): 

So July 11th, as everyone should know, is FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-11, because it's 7/11. Get it? I think it is a genius idea. But what I did find out is that they serve it in 7.11 oz cups.  So Kevin has never ventured out on July 11th any year to experience this I got to experience it with this first timer. :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

So July 2nd, my beautiful sister got married! She is married to Josh Soriano, and he's a pretty cool dude. It was a beautiful day and I am so happy for them. 

Sonnett, Mom, Bobs, and I all went and got our toes done

Robynn opened a couple gifts from us

I did her hair and makeup for the wedding

And I did mine and Josh's little sister, but I forgot to take a pic of her

...while Kevin slept, can you see him?? :D

The cutest rugrats on the block

The Reception

The Truck...heehee

Off to Vegas!

Then on July 3rd we celebrated Steven's birthday! His birthday was actually June 29th. He turned 14. 

His brand new bike!

Then on the 4th of July we had a neighborhood breakfast put on by our ward. It was super yummy and we got to chat with this great older couple in our ward about good restaurants in SLC.  And we also visited with the Bishop. Then we went to the Hogle Zoo! My first time since I moved to Utah. 

In front of a bat cave

 This little chipmunk thing was just staring straight at us the whole time. Cute.

Had to have our dip-n-dots fix

The elephants

My favorite animal is the Siberian (white) tiger. Unfortunately the didn't have any of those 

I love giraffes. I want my first baby boy to have a giraffe themed room

The baby giraffe Kevy got me.

The zoo was a lot smaller than Kevin remembered and we were done a lot sooner than we thought. So we drove around and found this amazing little Italian restaurant called Sea Salt. Very classy, clean, and refreshing looking restaurant. I got gnocchi el pesto. yummy yum. 

Then we took a nap and that was great. Then decided to eat at Flemings. Wow they have such good steak. Never disappoints. 

To finish off this fun filled fourth, we went to the Cottonwood Country Club where Kevin's dad performed in his band. He played before and after the firework show there. It was a great fourth. :D

Kev still chewing on his minty toothpick from dinner. Gross.

Now I am a proud Canadian, but am still glad to be a part of this beautiful country. Proud of my sister and her husband for serving our nation. Appreciative of the freedoms fought for. God Bless the U.S.A.!