Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nine Months Old

I just had my 9 mo. appointment yesterday.
I'm doing great!
Happy and healthy and ahead of the mark.
And I'm in the 95th percentile for my length!
60% for my weight.
75% for my head.
I have taken three steps on my own, once.
Usually I take one step then fall.
I love to point.
And I point all the time.
I can point at Mama's chest when she says, "where's Mama?"
and when she says, "nose?" I point at her nose.
I love to turn pages when anybody reads to me.
And I point at the pictures along the way.
I'm trying to talk.
I am speaking some crazy baby language.
But I'm sure getting close!
I like to breath in and out of my nose really fast while I scrunch it up.
It's so funny.
Grandma Anderson comes over every Wednesday to play.
It's my favorite when she does Pat-a-cake with me.
{Mommy thought it was patty-cake, silly Mommy}
Tooth number 4 and 5 are coming in together.
And I can eat almost anything if it's soft enough.
I've tried peanut butter, and so far so good.
Mommy and Daddy and I hope I have zero allergies.
Mommy's already started planning my birthday party!!
I can't wait!
That's about all for this month!

Luvs. Desiree.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Foundation for Beginners {the importance of color matching} ~ Viewers Be Warned

I am not very photogenic.
I have to try really hard to get a good picture of myself.
So on top of that I have posted pix of me without any makeup.
You've been warned.

I never used to be a foundation girl.
To be honest, I have had pretty amazing skin.
I'd wear a little bronzer and {probably too much} blush.
**I'm kind of a blush junkie**
But now that my age is getting the better of me
my skin is showing signs of needing coverage.

So I started {about 2 years ago} using tinted moisturizer. 
If you don't need a lot of coverage don't use it!
Tinted moisturizer is a great stepping stone
and still does the trick without feeling like there's mud all over your face.

So I decided it was time to get foundation after I started getting red and blotchy
between my brows and my inner cheeks.

My tinted moisturizer was still good, but I wanted more coverage. 
I looked around a bunch and decided to try
{in beige}
And this is what I looked like:

Very attractive. ;)
I went in for a color match and I guess the girl
wasn't very good at it yet...
It did cover all my blemishes.
But in orange!

So I went back the next day and got a different person to color match.
This was the result:

Exact same product, just 1.5 shades lighter {sand}. Wonders!

Side by side for a better visual:

What a difference. 
So if you don't like the way a foundation looks on you,
it may not be the brand, just the shade.
I'm just glad it only took me two tries to be satisfied!

If you're timid to try full on foundation
I recommend 
{I use it in Bisque}

Luvs. Rosie.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger!

So I have a few obsessions.
One of them is MAC Cosmetics.
I know I need to branch out a bit, and I am little by little.
So I apologize for the MAC overload.
Their products just rock.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC Brule ~ MAC 217

MAC Cork ~ MAC Copperplate

MAC Embark ~ MAC 228

Pixi Extra Eye Bright Liner

Mary Kay Lash Love {Contact any Mary Kay consultant or I can for you} ~ Lancome Hypnose Star

MAC Nylon ~ MAC 231

Fill in your eyebrows as needed, add a little blush and lipstick, and Voila!

Have a big, bright-eyed Monday!

Luvs. Rosie.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mommy Must Haves

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite things now that I've joined the Mommy world.
Basically things I am obsessed with/can't live without.
Where to buy them and why to buy them listed below.

{links: 1 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6}

1. I was so stoked on this Boon high chair and so happy to get it as a post-christmas Christmas gift.
- So easy to clean. No creases, no cracks, no crevices. 
- Removable seat pad and tray dish {more easy cleaning-ness}
- You can purchase a different color seat pad for $30
- Raises and lowers to preferred table hight
- Rollers and brake on pedestal base. 
- It's cool looking

2. Anything Aden and Anais I basically love. But especially these burpy bibs.
- the fabric isn't scratchy, stiff, or plastic like most bibs {some mama's like the rubber ones for easy cleaning but I like to wipe my baby's face with the bib after she eats, not too easy with a rubber bib}
- Light, non-distracting colors. Bright/multi-colored ones distract my baby while eating. Frustrating.
- Can also be used as a burp cloth. Hence the name burpy bib.
- But most importantly, it wraps all the way around! No more messy shoulders post meal.

3. Desiree's most worn accessory. Forever will be a staple in our home. Freshly Picked moccs
- This color goes with everything! 
- Elastic top so they will never. fall. off. Desiree wore a 2 when she was a 1, never came off her foot.
- So many cute colors to chose from

4. The oh-so-dredded diaper rash. It has a remedy! Noodle and Boo ultimate ointment
- Helps diaper rash, runny nose rash, eczema, dry skin.
- Unscented.
- Not super sticky.

5. Sweet little Sophie the Giraffe.
- Small Sophie for a good teething toy, learning to hold things.
- Big Sophie: soft nobbly parts to soothe sore gums, long legs for back gums/molar chewing, squeaker to stimulate hearing, easy to grip.
- Desiree seriously loves this toy!

6. Mmmmm. Smells so good. I like a lot of Burt's Bees Baby Bee products but specifically their Shampoo and Wash, it just smells amazing.
- Gentle on baby's skin.
- Leaves skin so soft.
{make sure you get the tear free, and not the fragrance free and tear free one. I've used both and prefer the smelly one ;)}

 **by the way, did you know Burt's Bees sells baby clothes?! They are so adorable too! They have a line at Target. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Well Hello!

Well Hello Lovelies!
It feels good to do a fashion post again.
I had fun putting together a few outfits for my friend/fellow blogger/cupcake shop owner.
Check out her website to "Revive Your Winter Wardrobe with Rosie"!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eight Months Old

Happy New Year!
So many wonderful things have happened in 2013.
Most importantly, my birth.
And 2014 is going to be even better. 
So many new milestones to hit.
So many cute things to start saying.
My parent's can't wait!
I haven't gained any weight for a month now.
I haven't been eating as good as I used to due to constipation.
Hopefully by my next Dr.'s appointment I'll be back to normal.
I am free-standing for longer periods of time.
And can walk with my toy walker I got for Christmas.
My favorite toy is Sopie the Giraffe.
But Mom washed her and the squeaker broke!
She better get me a new one, quick!
My newest cousin was born just before Christmas and I got to see her.
Lena Karin Anderson.
She was born 5 weeks early.
5lbs. 0oz. and 17 in. long.
Tiny little thing, I can't wait to play with her!
She will be my only cousin born in the same year as me.
I love to stick my tongue out and spray spit all over, or food.
And I like to play "lizard" and stick my tongue in and out super fast.
I still love clapping my hands, waving hi and bye, and shaking my head 'no'.
I was kinda a bum when Mom was taking pictures.
I just wanted to play with the banner.
Most pictures turned out like this:

Or I was barely smiling.

Oh well.
And I'm sure it will only get more difficult to sit still from here on out....

Luvs. Desiree.