Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Welcome back! It's been so long since I've blogged, I'm kind of excited! So I am 37 weeks today, yay! Full term! I go in for an ultrasound in Friday so I get to see Baby Girl and I canNOT wait! They will check if I'm dilated at all, if I'm effacing at all, and if she is facing downward yet. She dropped on Saturday so I've had more comfort in my upper half but less in my lower. To explain: I can breathe and have little to no heartburn anymore, but I have to use the bathroom so much more! So it's all exciting!

Kevin and I finished (for the most part) the nursery this last weekend. It's gonna be so darn perfect and cute! Here's a sneak peek...

None of the pictures or shelves are hung, and we still have to paint the change table. We get the rug in the first week of April and the glider chair in the second week. But if she came this second I think we have everything we need! That is SUCH a relief. I have had pretty bad anxiety about getting everything I needed for her. But now, I can take a breath and take it easy doing minor things here and there until she arrives. 

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