Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet Life

I like to consider myself pretty luck when it comes to my life. 
All I have ever wanted for the longest time is a little family. 
Not only do I have it though, I have THE best husband, incredibly helpful and cheerful, energetic, and entertaining. 
And we have been so blessed with this little sweet pea. 
She makes me smile all day long. 
Even when she is being a fuss bug; her cry is so cute! 
And I can't forget my puppy boy.
He's been handling everything pretty well with bringing Desiree home. 
And he is so good with her. 
Can't believe she's been here a month now! 
I've loved my whole life, but up to this point I can say I am definitely in the sweet of it. 
Lucky me. :)

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