Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Love Story

So here we are, married for time and all eternity in the Draper, Utah Temple. It was the beginning of the rest of our lives together! We got married on September 25th, 2009 and how wonderful it has been so far. 

We are living in the cutest little basement apartment right by the U. There is nothing that I love more than decorating and fixing up our little home. I am always finding something new and cute to put in our home. Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough about TaiPan. For sure my favorite decor store ever. 

A couple of things have changed since this picture, so I will post more later. For example, I got some gerber daisy silk flowers for this table, and I had originally painted the bathroom green, but after we had our flood! yikes! I repainted it a creamy yellow. They had to replace the flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, and it DID NOT match the green at all! Awful! But now, it is super cute. 

I repainted the front door a fun red and re-did the inside and trim white to match the baseboards.
...and then, I changed the hardware. It used to be this old ugly gold handle and lock, but now it's a kind of black/brown matte. I love it.

My brother, Levi, just got married to the girl of his dreams, Sonnett. She is a beautiful daughter of God. The family just loves her to pieces and we are so happy for them! They got married March 15th and are living in Ceder City until she graduates from SUU as a nurse.

I just had my 23rd birthday on March 19th, and Kevy spoiled me rotten, as usual. I sure love him. His parents got me these super cute Franco Sarto sandals I wanted from Nordstrom, my absolute favorite store. 
And Kevy got me this beautiful London-Blue Topaz and Diamond ring, which I absolutely love. Thank you sweety!

Then he took me to the oh-so-amazing Flemming's restaurant. Yummy yum yum! 

Now we are just waiting for the semester to end and get this summer started! 

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