Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting into the Grove of Things

Kevin and I are still in between moving and getting everything where it needs to be. But I feel more relieved and not as overwhelmed at this point. I started my new job at a dental lab studio and absolutely lOvE iT!! I work with 4 other girls right now, all my age, and all super cute and fun. I am working 8-5 and love that I can be home with Kevin for dinner every night. But I cannot wait until we are completely settled in and Kev is back in school. Just so we have more of a routine. 

A couple weeks ago Kevy was in New York City networking and such to try and get an internship there for next summer. Since his flight didn't come in until 9pm Saturday, I went down the Provo river with the girls I work with. It was so much fun! We went down in inner tubes, mine popped against a bush one minute down the river, so I shared with sweet Sammie. It was still super fun, but boy was I sore the next day!! Then Kevy came home, and I was sooooo happy to see him I missed him so much! And he is going back 8 more times.....this semester! So I better get used to it. 

Since we are trying to get back into a routine, running and working out is being re-introduced. And since my old runners have the sole falling apart (had them for 3 years now) I got these new babies! They are soooo light, and I absolutely love them and the colors are awesome. I can't wait to start running now! haha. 

I just got back from Lake Powell today with my family. Kev couldn't come, so I am so glad to be home with him now. I will post pictures soon about our sunny weekend before school starts! :D

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