Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegas Getaway

Kevin and I went down to Las Vegas this last weekend and had some good fun. :D Robynn and her two boys were able to come with us, sure glad to spend some time with them. Unfortunately everyone else couldn't make it (Josh, Levi, Sonnett, and Aaron). But that just makes it need to happen again!

 On our way....bob squished between two car seats

 Fashion Show Mall

 Vegas tradition: hit up Raising Cane's

Oh my goodness it was so cute when James put money in his case

he was so shy and embarrassed. so cute.

 James loved this spot where you could stand and see yourself on T.V.

 Kevy on a segway for the first time. heehee

 Took the boys to the Shark Reef. Oh they loved it!

 Glass floor where you could see the sharks

 it rippled when you ran in front of it. pretty fun.

 Relaxed on Mandalay Bay's Beach

 Rob and her boys taking a bath after swimming

 Kev and I went out on the town together our last night.

 Made a stop at Lululemon and James loved hanging out here.

 "see Auntie Rosie, no hands"

 Lunch before heading home.

 awkward pose for me but Robynn looks pretty. :D

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  1. Loved the nail colour last week, the lipstick on this weekend was...interesting...! Did you know about the little aquarium right there in Sandy? Aaron and I went there a few years ago, obviously not as big as 'Shark Reef', but fun and easy to get too! Maybe an FHE or FND idea.