Sunday, November 13, 2011


A few remaining pics I should've added earlier, from Brett's 19th birthday. The family went to Olive Garden. As you can see, Kevin was pretty excited. :)

Then Kevy went to New York the end of the week. Flew out Wednesday and was supposed to get home Friday night but missed his flight. :( So he ended up getting home Saturday late afternoon. Since I had nothing to do on Friday, and didn't want to sit on my bed all night missing Kevin, I drove up to Logan and hung out with my super cool little brother, Aaron, for the night. We went to Village Inn, oh yeah, until 1:30 in the morning. Then laughed at some youtubes, and ended up falling asleep, sharing his bed, to The Office. Always good times with Toebutt. :D He's such a stud. 

On Saturday right after I picked up Kev from the airport I had two bridal showers to go to. So I couldn't even spend time with my sweety. And I had missed him so much I cried! But I was very happy that his flight landed ok with that crazy storm that came in Saturday.

Jessica Fisher's bridal shower
I babysat her, she is in the ward I grew up in
Very close to their family
(her fiance showed up at the end, happy I got to meet him!)

My girls Sarah and Jessica (sisters)

Congrats Jessica!

Then, to my good friend, old roommate from USU, Tricia's bridal shower

Lyndsi, Trish, and me

When I got home from my crazy day (I was running around everywhere! doing Christmas secrets and such) Kevy surprised me with some things he got me from M.A.C. in NYC. I just love him. :D
lip gloss and nail polish. :D
So the big news/event of the year...H&M finally made it to Utah! Kevin doesn't understand it at all. He doesn't like H&M and doesn't get all the hype. But, setting aside his own opinion, he still let me drag him along to go to all the new stores that opened in Fashion Place Mall. Got some great stuff at Loft, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Trade Secret, and of course, H&M. I love Ann Taylor, and my favorite purchase was from there. And lucky me, both my purchases at Ann Taylor and Loft were 40% off. :D 

flannel top: H&M, striped tank: H&M, black leggings: Nordstrom,
black tights: H&M, teal tank: Loft, beige tank: Ann Taylor,
belt: H&M, Essie nail polish: Trade Secret (one was $1 and the other was $2!)

Kevin and I ate at Brio, the new Italian Bistro in Fashion Place. Our server wasn't the best, but I enjoyed the food, especially dessert. Then Kevy and I went to see Jack & Jill and it was a cute, funny movie. Prob wouldn't buy it. I just adore Katie Holmes though. 

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