Saturday, November 5, 2011

Park Citaaay

 Kevy and I had such a fun filled weekend! And it's not even over! Yay for tomorrow, day light savings and time with the nursery kids. :D  Mom and Daddy watched the grandkiddies this weekend. Kevy had fun playing around with Austin. After we went to the indoor pool with them. And then Kev and I headed off to Park City.

Some day James will learn to take a proper picture. Goof head.

Leaving the hotel to go to dinner at Baja Cantina (loving the Park City appropriate attire. It's my new favorite item of clothing! I wear it out on the town, or cozy watching a movie.)

Baja Cantina. Yum yum!

Caught a shot of Kevin right after he sucked an onion into his mouth. Lol.

After we got back from din din we hit up the hot tubs! We stayed the night at Mountainside Marriott and they have 5 awesome outdoor hot tubs with waterfalls and a big heated pool. I was hoping it was gonna snow while we were out there, but it only did just before and after haha, of course.

Then this morning we went to the Park City outlets, and to Lulu Lemon (where Kevy got me a Christmas present! I can't wait, I LOVE lulu!!)

 Then we went to lunch at Red Rock Cafe and on the menu they had, well, see for yourself (if you have seen Just Go With It, you will understand the SUPER FUNNINESS of this lunch menu item. HA!)

 Kev showing me his moist lips after putting on his fav chapstic. :D

Came back to reality today and it is Brett's birthday! Kevin's little brother, turned 19 today. We had pizza for dinner and Brett opened his presents. Then we watched the LSU vs Alabama game. LSU WON! Half time Brett wanted Baskin Robins so we all hopped into the Suburban and got ice cream in freezing cold weather. :D Just finished cleaning up our room and ready to cuddle up to a movie with my all time favorite cuddle buddy! 

Have a great extra hour of sleep in the morning!

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