Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catching Way Up!

 Oh my goodness. I have been blog deprived for TOO long! Lots has gone on to make it nearly impossible for me to update my blog. So let me explain myself...

So here Kevy and I went to Stella Grill to celebrate...getting into our own apartment again!
We live about 3 minutes from Stella now. :D (maybe not the best thing haha)

We found out we got the apartment just after Thanksgiving:
Aaron and Kevy playing xbox 360 kinect

Austin, after walking the dogs with Grandma and James, brought in the newspaper

James after walking the doggies

Austin and his awesome yellow mittens

Bobby made an amazing treat. Something like apple slices, melted marshmallows, caramel, and stuff

 Cuddling up, looks like Levi and Sonnett are doing the same behind us. :D

Robynn and me before they headed back down to Cedar City

Kevy "walking" Austin

Kevin wrestling with the nephews

Kev watching Aust play games

Robynn's husband Josh and my super cool Daddy

Sonnett being gorgeous, as always. James took this pic :D

Aust bo Bost playing in the leaves

It was such a happy Thanksgiving and I was glad I could spend it with all my family. :D We got to pop in and say hi to Kevy's family too. It's so nice having both our families so close. I am so thankful to have the gospel to help keep our families close together and share with them. And more than anything I am thankful for my husband who I love more than anything and there is nothing in this world that could make my life more complete. 

And here he is. The biggest cuddler in the world, except he likes to cuddle with blankets more than me, no joke haha. He gets it from his Dad I've noticed. 

So November 28th we got to move in to our place. We live exactly 2 min and 8 sec from my work :) and it takes Kevy about 15 min to get to school. We are 3 miles from the gym and our home is just perfect! So here is a sneak peak after we moved everything in! (thanks to Danny, Brett, Kevin's Dad, my parents, and Kevy). It is a stinking mess, everything almost has a place now, but once it is all set up and cute I will post pictures. Here we go...

Right when you walk in the door (we live side by side to our neighbors, so nobody above or below us, just two shared walls).

The second bedroom (soon to be office/den for Kevin, then, a little later to be a nursery :D)

 Our bedroom

To your right after you walk down the hall

Super tiny but cute tile bathroom

Inside the bathroom looking out


Family room/TV room(we have since painted that blue wall a darker beige)

Eating area

View from the blue wall looking at the kitchen and our bedroom

 So it has been about 2 weeks since we moved in and it is finally starting to feel like home. And the nice thing was we got to celebrate Kevy's 25th birthday in our new place! :D

Morning of December 1st. Happy Birthday my lovey!

I wanted to make him some awesome breakfast but all he wanted was Kashi and O.J. (oh well, less work for me haha)

Kevy's birthday dinner

After dinner we went to Desert Star and watched a spoof on It's A Wonderful Life

Came home and pulled out the yummy cake from Market Street Grill

Then Kevy put up all his books on the bookshelf. He loves his finance/wall street/investment/business books and getting new books and reading all the time. I don't know how he does it cuz I loath reading. 

Then last Saturday Aaron and Daddy came over to help mount our new T.V. on the wall.

Mom came along and does what she does best. She wasn't in there two minutes before she found the soap and cleaning rags.

Then that Saturday night Kevy got all ready for a surprise.

A surprise 25th hollywood themed birthday party!!! :D

Jessi and Jason

My parents

Rob and Jessica

Dave and Katy

Jason and Jessi (the couple we are going on our cruise with in January)
 Aaron and his friend Kayla, Rachel and her boyfriend Brad

Got a pinata for Kevy

Johnny was the one who ended up breaking it

Aaron and me. This is my fav pic of Aaron, what a stud. I'm like ready to biff it or something haha.

My good friend Tricia and her fiance Skyler (to be married Jan. 3rd)

Then this Friday night Tricia had a girls sleepover in her new apartment (just 5 min from mine!)
Chantel died her hair dark and I love it!

Margaret and Chan on their phones haha.

 And to finish off this super too long blog post, we went to the lights at Temple Square last night with Jason and Jessi. It was soooo beautiful. As always.

Jason and Jessi are angels

Kevy UofU tree, Jason BYU tree. Hmmm, ours is bigger and better. :)

So happy the "big red tree" was lit this year. Wish we got a better pic of the tree. It's HUGE and so red!

The exact same spot we sat on our first date and took a pic here. :D

Flashback: exactly 3 years prior. Who would've thought. :D

We don't have internet at our place yet, so it may be a while before I post again. And as you can see, moving and Thanksgiving and parties and friends, I have been a little distracted. I have really missed blogging and hope to get internet soon so I can keep myself entertained when Kevy is at school all day. :D

Have some really happy holidays!!!

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  1. Nice 'catch up' Rose. You'll have to give me some blogging lessons next time we're together. Your new apartment looks great, can hardly wait to see the 'new & improved' pictures. Nice flashback to the big red tree three years ago. So happy for you two.