Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays

'Twas the season to be full of fun, family, and traditions. It was so much fun to spend Christmas Eve and Morning with Kevy's family this year! It's fun to see what traditions they do compared to my family and to pick and choose what traditions we want to continue with our family some day. Here is a glimps at our happy holiday weekend.

Kev and Brett armwrestling

Kevy won. :D

 Mom and Johnny had a wing at it too.

Me in my awesome red and green holiday spirit outfit

Rachel telling Steven what looks like an awesome story

ready to open our Christmas P.J.'s

Christmas Morning!

 Goofy Levi and his beautiful wife

We did a white elephant gift exchange at my parent's. This was mine: half eaten box of chocolates with pix of me enjoying it. lol.

The (small) bonfire

Mom and her traditional "pineapple dance"

Kevy and me all ready to go do all our exchanging and returning at the mall. Fashion Place was CRAZY!!!

So you probably noticed my darker than normal skin tone. Yes, I have been tanning. Kev has been too but his is taking a little longer to show haha (he is super jealous). And no, I am not just fake baking to get that awesome tan skin, we are trying to get a base so we don't get burned on our cruise to Cabo!!! :D We leave this Friday and come back next Saturday! I have never been on a cruise and I cannot wait! We are going with our friends Jessi and Jason 
Holm. Super excited. Here is what we have to look forward too!!! :D

Beautiful sandy beaches right up against sky high jagged cliffs

I will write again, hopefully, soon after the cruise! Have a wonderful New Years Eve!

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