Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun Filled Week

 This past week was full of exciting times. :D Well starting last Saturday Kevy and I went to one of our fave restaurants the Nordstrom Bistro Cafe. Then we went to Kevy's parents house to watch 49ers vs. Saints game. 49ers won! woohoo. 

While Kev and his brothers watched the game I was asked to draw a picture of the tree of life scene. Well, I learned something I should have known, and now realize I remember being taught but it must not have registered. If that made any sense....haha. But I drew the river, which is supposed to be filthy and in between the tower and rod. Oh well. Next time. :D 

Then we finished the night with Mimi's Cafe for our date for the week.

Last Sunday our landlord was working on insulating the attic. He fell through the ceiling. ha! And right above my side of the bed where I usually read. Luckily I was reading on the couch then!!

Then later on Sunday we had heard Rachel (Kevin's little sister) had a seizure Saturday night. So we all drove up to see her. She is doing fine. :D But on our way up to Logan I got pulled over! Oops! And apparently going to see your sister in law who just had a seizure isn't a good enough excuse to get you out of a ticket. 

 Rachel and her boyfriend Brad

Then for family night this last Monday Daddy went and picked up our new table we got (since he has a truck). And we just HAD to break it in with a game of Rook! Kevy and I's becoming a regular occurrence.

Then on Tuesday Kevy found out he got the internship he interviewed for! He will be interning at Beneficial Financial for this spring semester. It's the perfect internship to put on your resume to get a better internship (hopefully in New York!). So he will now have a complete resume to apply for the New York internships he wants for this summer. If that makes sense. So we celebrated with treats from Smiths, Taco Bell, and Martinelli. 

Thursday came and we went out to dinner with Mom and Daddy then went to see Brian Regan. Always super funny!! (and Wednesday night my stylist colored my hair back brown)

Then as we were leaving Abravanal Hall we saw the new Nordstrom at City Creek! I am getting so excited for City Creek to open this spring!

Then on Friday Bobbi came up to visit and have a Sister Saturday! We got up and I did her makeup and made her all cute and stuff. Super fun morning times. :D

Bobbi's model shots...ooh la la.

All ready to go shopping

The cute sweater Robynn got

Then we all went out to The Dodo for dinner

And...the power went out while waiting for our appetizer. 

 So we went to Red Lobster down the street

We went to our new ward for the first time this Sunday and can't wait to get to know the people. Our home is finally coming together and "after" pictures will be posted soon. :D Have a great week!

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