Sunday, January 29, 2012

Up To Date

I have such a love for fashion and the beauty of women. I have decided to change my blog entirely to a fashion blog (with a few life and love stories along the way). I feel I have learned some valuable information in my few years of becoming more of a fashionista. I believe I was born for an eye of style and creativity.

Until I married my amazingly patient and loving husband, I didn't feel I had what it took to make something of myself and be confident in what/who I am. But I have been it all along. From makeup, to clothes, to accessories and hair.  I am a fashionista (or I'd like to think so haha).

I know every woman is born beautiful. I want to share my knowledge and advice to help them feel that way. By no means do I know exactly what I'm doing. I will be learning the most from this blog, I'm sure of it. I just want to help others to be inspired and uplifted.

I will start posting my new blog entries soon, and the fun will begin!

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