Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Welcome Home

The girls in my new church ward threw me a welcome to the neighborhood/welcome baby girl lunch today. Totally didn't expect anything of them, just a warm welcome at church or while walking my puppy. So it was really nice to have all the younger moms do this for me. They are all so sweet and I can't wait to get to know all of them.

So here's my current project:
I'm trying to create this:

But using this:

and the heart pillow I posted on my prior blog post.

I got the duvet yesterday and the pillow should come in the next week or so (custom made on etsy). So I'll keep ya posted on how it turns out. :D

Then my next project is to create this mobile for baby girls room:
(but different colors...courtesy of pinterest)

Pinned Image

So needless to say I have a few things to keep me busy until she comes. Plus a couple books to read...

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. i love that makeover idea for your bedroom! simple but classy. also, that crystal mobile is super cute! i can't wait to read about how you do it. :)