Monday, August 26, 2013

Four Months Old

Mommy chose this picture solely on my priceless facial expression,
because I am figuring out I have toesies!
They are just so fascinating.
I love to grab at them.
I don't really suck on them yet, 
unless someone else puts them near my mouth.
Then I go nuts.
Well, anything and everything I go nuts on I guess.
If anything is near enough to me, guaranteed I will grab it and shove it in!
I love to grab faces and hair.
Especially Mommy's.
I'm still squeaking all the time.
But I like to blow lots of spit bubbles too.
And I make this Mmmmmm sound.
As if my mouth was duct taped and I was trying to talk.
I'm laughing more and more.
Mommy usually changes my diaper.
But when Daddy does it I think it is hilarious.
I'm starting to sit up a little bit. 
I tip over after a second.
But I'm trying really hard.
I'm sleeping 11-12 hours at night now.
I weigh 13lbs. 4oz. (46%)
And am 25in. long (80%)
Had my second set of shots today.
Took it like a stinkin' champ.
No big deal. 

Luvs. Desiree.

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