Monday, August 19, 2013


Now, instead of blogging periodically throughout the summer...
like I should have...
I am doing one big summertime post.

Desiree and Milo....arranged marriage. They don't seem to sure about it.
2 months and a day apart.

 Desiree chillin with our neighbor's daughter, Jane.

I spent, probably too many, days visiting my old job!
Yes, I'm nursing at the front desk haha.
But Dezi's hand is so darn cute!

Pipsqueak spent a lot of the summer sleeping.

Milo and Desiree....loving eachother...

After setting up the tent at Lake Powell.

The amazingly delicious pizza I made.
No joke, it was legit.
We made 5 of them!

Dezi holding tight to her lamb.

I told them to wave and they put on the cheesiest wave smiles ever.
Typical Anderson's.


  1. So cute Rose! What a beautiful family you have!