Monday, October 28, 2013

Six Months Old

Two days late...

I can't believe I'm half way to my first birthday!
Then I can eat lots and lots of cake!
I have my 6 mo. appointment and shots later today.
And the go-ahead to start eating rice cereal!
Don't know how that'll go down, 
but Mommy and Daddy are sure excited to start me on solids!
I got my ears pierced a week and a half ago.
They are a little sore.
Hopefully they heal soon.
But I look stinking adorable!
I've been full blown crawling for about 2 weeks now.
And I can pull myself up on almost anything!
When I'm done my nap I like to wait for Mommy, standing straight up in my crib.
I have two little chompers that came through within the last 2 weeks.
And I babble a ton now that I have them.
And I like to move my head back and forth while holding a toy still in my mouth.
It makes a squeaking noise against my teeth and I love it.
I'm excited for Halloween on Thursday.
Mommy is Wendy, Daddy is Peter Pan, and I am Tinker Bell.
I know.
My Auntie Robynn got home from deployment last week and is in debriefing now.
I get to meet her for the first time in one week!
I am sooooo excited!
Then my Uncle Brett leaves on his mission in a week and a half.
He is going to Mexico, Moneterey East.
And when he gets back I may have a little brother or sister the age I am now!
I will sure miss him.
And hopefully by the time he calls for Mother's Day I will be able to say a word or two to him.

Luvs. Desiree.

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