Friday, July 15, 2011

New Hair and 7-11 Free Slurpee Day!

So it took 6 months...but I finally got to the hair I wanted...for now ;) 



 Right before I left to get the finishing touches you can see I was way too dark

Ready to get started

 After the salon...little disappointed, my own hair was still too dark for the extensions

After (and very happy with the results): 

So July 11th, as everyone should know, is FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-11, because it's 7/11. Get it? I think it is a genius idea. But what I did find out is that they serve it in 7.11 oz cups.  So Kevin has never ventured out on July 11th any year to experience this I got to experience it with this first timer. :D

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