Friday, July 29, 2011


This week has been such a crazy week. Kevy and I started to pack everything in our apartment. We are moving out by Saturday.

Kevy is so cute, he found his favorite Burberry scarf and wore it while we started to pack

Anyways, so we are moving out, I've already worked 6 shifts in a row at Care Source (the last of them being a graveyard shift), so I am exhausted. But we HAVE to pack. Along with that I had to find a new tenant, so I was getting calls all the time, emailing people, setting up times to show the apartment, showing the apartment while we are taking it apart! It was a nightmare! Then I work my last shift as a Certified Nurse Assistant yesterday. And oh was it a rough day. One of my patients made me cry, he just ripped me a new one. Basically when I told him we were getting in the shower, as sweetly as I did, he still just blew up at me. Said I was making his dying experience awful and I was always nagging him (this was my first time ever meeting this patient). Anyways, I was pretty upset. Then the rest of the day he was a sweetheart, weird. And with all this, Kevin had signed up for a golf tournament in Wendover, like months ago. He feels so bad it all happened this weekend. Because we were never planning on moving out now! But he already paid for it, and he has been talking about it all summer! So I am here missing him SOOOO bad! Then, it was all made better...

I come home to this

I have told Kevin purple roses are my absolute favorite. They smell the best. :D And so he had ordered me a beautiful bouquet of them! It just made everything better. And on top of it the applicants we liked for the apartment passed their credit and background check with flying colors and all the papers are signed and they move in Monday! So all I have to worry about is packing. And my beau, my heartbeat, my flame, comes home tonight!

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