Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eat. Drink. And Be Married!

I had so much planning and throwing Rachel's bridal shower last weekend. Here are a few pix of the spread, decor, and games. :D

Cupcakes made by our friend Erik Larsen (you may have seen him on Cupcake Wars) Check him out....they are AMAZING!!! Heaven Cupcake and on Facebook.

Party Favors: a few of Rachel's favorite things, for everyone to take home! 

The gift table. R for Rachel and Lilies are her favorite flowers.

Game one: (copied from a bridal shower my friend Lyndsi threw a bit ago)
Get a bunch of magazines
Make a list of wedding/love/relationship things (kissing, boy, girl, something blue, flowers, underwear, etc.)
Give everyone scissors and start the timer!
At the end add up who got the most items and the winner gets a prize!
In our case, one of the vases of lilies.

 Game Two: Pop the Question
Fill Balloons with questions you've asked the groom to be
Have the guest of honor pop the balloon and read the question
If she gets it wrong, she has to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth
Rachel did pretty good, she was lucky, but still had a good wad in her mouth...

Then we opened gifts.

So excited for you Rachel! So glad to be a part of your family and be your favorite sister-in-law. ;)

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