Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seven Months Old

...almost a week late.

My mommy procrastinated and posted about me almost a week late...
My birthday is actually on the 26th.
But today is Daddy's birthday!
He turned 27.
He's the best Daddy in the world.
So I've been eating solids for a month now.
I love rice cereal and squash and carrots.
But, I'm allergic to sweet potatoes.
I am great at my sippy cup.
Ever since I started solids I have been getting so chunky!
Mommy and Daddy love the chubs though.
Just look at that fat and happy face.
I cruise around on all fours all day long.
I'm super speedy.
And I pull myself up on everything.
Daddy timed me and I can stand for a whole 40 seconds on my own!
I can clap my hands.
And wave bye-bye.
And I love to turn the page when Mommy reads to me.
I am a very happy baby.
Mommy and Daddy sure are the luckiest parents in the world.

Luvs. Desiree.

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