Thursday, January 23, 2014

Foundation for Beginners {the importance of color matching} ~ Viewers Be Warned

I am not very photogenic.
I have to try really hard to get a good picture of myself.
So on top of that I have posted pix of me without any makeup.
You've been warned.

I never used to be a foundation girl.
To be honest, I have had pretty amazing skin.
I'd wear a little bronzer and {probably too much} blush.
**I'm kind of a blush junkie**
But now that my age is getting the better of me
my skin is showing signs of needing coverage.

So I started {about 2 years ago} using tinted moisturizer. 
If you don't need a lot of coverage don't use it!
Tinted moisturizer is a great stepping stone
and still does the trick without feeling like there's mud all over your face.

So I decided it was time to get foundation after I started getting red and blotchy
between my brows and my inner cheeks.

My tinted moisturizer was still good, but I wanted more coverage. 
I looked around a bunch and decided to try
{in beige}
And this is what I looked like:

Very attractive. ;)
I went in for a color match and I guess the girl
wasn't very good at it yet...
It did cover all my blemishes.
But in orange!

So I went back the next day and got a different person to color match.
This was the result:

Exact same product, just 1.5 shades lighter {sand}. Wonders!

Side by side for a better visual:

What a difference. 
So if you don't like the way a foundation looks on you,
it may not be the brand, just the shade.
I'm just glad it only took me two tries to be satisfied!

If you're timid to try full on foundation
I recommend 
{I use it in Bisque}

Luvs. Rosie.


  1. Great info, Rose. I use Covergirl Aqua Smoother Classic Beige (730) for a foundation. Do you think you and I are about the same skin shade? I'd be interested to see how this shade of Covergirl looks on you.

  2. Thanks for your comment. ;) I'd be happy to try out that brand and let you know what I think!