Sunday, June 26, 2011

Talents and St. George

So it's been forever that I've been wanting to put knobs on my cupboards. I bought the knobs a few months ago but had to wait for my oh-so-handy daddy to come and put holes in the cupboards, find the right drill bit for the screws I had,  and measure each cupboard and drawer. He is amazing. Anyways, it is now finished and I am so happy. It was so frustrating pulling at the wrong side of the cupboard to open it. But now that the knobs are on...that issue is put to rest. 

Here's Daddy opening his father's day gift. We got him a pic of all the kids posing all tuff around the motorcycles in our leathers. And then another picture of the grandkids on a bike. Super cool frames too. Daddy loved them.

Kevin and I found a great tennis court just up the Avenues, like 3 minutes from our house...this is the view. So pretty.

Then we went out on date night to the Melting Pot and watched Super 8. I know, dinner and a movie, lame, but we are married, and love doing those together! Haha. Super 8 was AMAZING! I totally thought it would be lame, but no, I was very very wrong. 

So I started taking ballet lessons. Yes, I do love it. But, Kev and I are going to start trying to get prego this spring and I don't think I'll be doing much dancing during, and after pregnancy. I'd love to keep doing it, but I'd rather spend the time and money on something I can always do. So hopefully I will be starting golf in the next monthish. Then, I have also been cooking a little more. Well, in general, just eating healthier. I make a lot of different salads. Here are a few pix of my new cooking experiments. 

Spinach quiches, tomato juice, and herbal tea (we have tea every morning. :D)

 Mushroom soup and steak salad

Roasted chicken and red bell peppers spinach salad with feta cheese

 Shepherd's pie and a radicchio and endive salad
(shepherd's pie is made with pureed cauliflower and low fat sour cream instead of potatoes, and edamame, soooo yummy)

 Roasted chicken and pistachio salad with green gazpacho (cucumber, green bell pepper, and other stuff pureed to a cold soup....not the yummiest)

Maple baked salmon with a spinach and grape tomato salad

Skillet Cod with peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and asparagus

Then this weekend Kev and I went down to St. George. He had to take a certification exam for his job...and he passed with flying colors. And I wanted to practice doing Bob's hair and makeup for her wedding next weekend! So Kevin went golfing while we had girl time. 

This is him hitting a bucket of balls the day before St. George

 I let Kevy take the car to Coral Canyon Golf Course, so Bobs and I drove around on her scooter to lunch and to the mall. Super fun.

 He hair down...

Her hair "up"/pulled back (we'll most likely do it up)

It was so much fun chatting with my sissy. I love her so much, and couldn't be happier for her and Josh. Congrats Robynn! Can't wait!

Then Kev, me, Mom, Daddy, and Aaron all went to the driving range and hit a couple buckets...


I know I look like a duffus in the pic, but I actually have a very good swing.

After golf I got my first ice cream cone of the summer. Do you like my big fake purple ring? My ring is being re-coated and cleaned. :D

Then later Saturday night we went to the Utah Arts Festival. Really cool stuff there.

He painted it all with spray paint. So cool to watch.

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