Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Calling All Curly Girls

So I've had a few people ask me how I get my hair to curl.
I've tried uploading videos.
I've tried just writing it out.
It takes a long time to write out.
So I usually give up.
Finally, I am going to sit down and just do it!
This is for you Brooke!! :D

First things first.
I used to HATE my hair.
Hate it.
But now that I've followed this routine, 
and stuck with it.
My hair is so much healthier.
And I actually like my curls.
Still prefer it straight.
But I don't feel "ugly" when I do it curly.

Let's get started...
Try not to brush your hair.
Curly hair tends to be more dry than other hair styles.
Causing it to break more easily.
That's why it goes all crazy in humidity.
It's trying to suck in as much moisture as possible!
It's thirsty!
So we try to keep is "soaked" all day long.
Not literally, no.
That would NOT be cute.

All my products I use are by DevaCurl
Click here for all their products

I wash my hair with No-Poo
It doesn't foam....which is a GOOD thing.
The chemicals in other shampoos that makes them bubble up like that
 is what can really dry your hair out.
So it's more of a cleanser than a soapy shampoo.

But I only put it at the base of the hair along the scalp.
That's really the only dirty part.
Then I rinse it out.
Rinsing alone takes care of the rest of the hair as is slides down.

Then I condition with One Condition

 Now I try to avoid my scalp.
Working about an inch or two from my scalp,
I run my fingers through my hair.
This is the only time I will "brush" my hair.
I let it sit while I wash my body, shave, etc.
Then rinse.

Next, do NOT dry your hair with a regular towel!
They are made to soak up moisture.
But we want to try and keep as much moisture as we can.
So use a microfiber cloth.

And scrunch your hair with the cloth.
Enough so it's not dripping.
But your hair is still pretty soaked (maybe dripping a tiny bit).

Then I use AnGEL as my gel.

I used to use moose.
But this stuff rocks my world.
I put about a drop about the size of a 50 cent piece in my hand.
If you feel the need to use more, have at it!
And I scrunch it from the tips of my hair, up.
I don't really put it on my roots.
You want it to make a squishing sound as you scrunch.
That's when you know your hair is moist/wet enough.

Then,  I wait.
I like to let my hair air dry.
But if I'm in a hurry I use a defuser.
This is the one I use. 

Now, if while your hair is drying,
you notice there are a few pieces that just aren't curling cute,
it happens to all of us,
use clips.

These are the ones I use.
I simply twist the hair around my finger.
Then pull it off while keeping it close-ish to my head.
Like an inch or so.
And clamp one of these babies on.
Keep letting it air dry or defuse with the clip in the whole time.
Take it out when you're dry and voila!

When my hair is done drying I will scrunch it until it's soft.
I HATE crunchy curls. 
But this gel is so awesome that when you scrunch it after it's dry,
it's soft and perfect, not fluffy and crazy.

I only wash my hair like 2 or maybe 3 times a week.
So on the days in between,
When you hair looks about like this in the morning...

I use the Mist-er Right.
This is magic in a bottle.
I first spray my hair all over with a water bottle so it's pretty damp.
Scrunch my hair a little so it soaks up the water.
Then spray this all over.
And scrunch again.
And if there are any curls having issues I use the clips again.
Then let air dry or defuse.

That's about it!!
I know it's a long posting but hopefully it helped some curly girls out there.

You obviously don't have to use this brand.
But I have tried product after product and have never seen results like what this gives.
Feel free to ask any other questions.
Just comment or email me at

loose, not cute, dull curls.
Of course, the bleach didn't help. :/
If you're going for the beachy look though, this isn't too bad.

But if you really want that good curly look...



Luvs. Rosie.

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