Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Month Old

One Month...

So I forgot to post Desiree's one month photo.
Tomorrow I will post her two month photo, 
which is what she currently is!
Time flies!!

I love to fall asleep in Daddy's arms.
All I do is eat and sleep and poop.
Sometimes when I fart I smile.
I am starting to track Mommy and Daddy with my eyes.
It's hard, but I'm getting better!
I am still wearing new born clothes.
But I am very long/tall for my age.
So I'm sure I'll be out of them soon.
I am sleeping between 4-5 hours straight at night.
Mommy puts headbands on me all the time.
I don't mind.
I try to suck on my hands. 
It's really fun and soothing.
But I can't figure out how to keep them there.
So I cry.
Mommy saves me with a binky.
Sometimes I knock the binky out with my hand.
Then I cry again.
Mommy saves me with a swaddle.
I love to be swaddled.
It helps me sleep and feel comfy and safe.
My hair is thinning out a bit.
But Mommy and Daddy still tell me I'm beautiful and cute and pretty.

Luvs. Dezi.

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