Friday, June 28, 2013

Two Months Old

I had my two month appointment yesterday. 
I am doing so well. 
11 lbs. 3 oz. 
23 inches long. 
The doctor said I am really good at holding my head up. 
They don't expect that much head control until four months!
I got my vaccinations and it was no biggy. 
I'm pretty tough.
I socially smile all the time and have been for a couple weeks now. 
I love to kick my legs like a crazy person. 
My favorite toy is Sophie the giraffe. 
She gives me kisses and Mommy squeaks her and I smile. 
I am getting my baby blessing this Sunday. 
Grandma Fullmer is making my blessing dress!
I'm wearing 0-3 clothes now. 
I'm sleeping at least 8 hours a night now. 
I love to talk with my daddy. 
We talk about our day for like 20 minutes when he gets home from work. 
I love it when he gets home and plays with me. 

Luvs. Dezi. 

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