Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Months Old

I love to squeak.
All the time.
My mommy and daddy call me Squeaks.
And I sure do live up to the name.
I am still in 0-3 clothes.
But Mommy puts me in the super cute 3-6 month ones sometimes.
I can roll over!
So Mommy stopped swaddling me when I sleep.
If not, I can't lift my head up with my strong arms.
Thanks for keeping me safe, Mom.
I'm sleeping about 10 hours at night now.
I suck on my hands all day long.
And I love baths.
I reached out for the first time the other day.
I "pet" Beignet, my puppy brother.
I love tummy time and squeak away during it.
I started facing out in my Baby Bjorn when we go for walks.
I can see so much more and I love it!
I don't really suck on any binky anymore.
I just push them out with my tongue.
When I smile I like to stick my tongue out too.
It's cute.
I can almost laugh.
I'm getting so close.
I can do one, kind of, grunt laugh for a half a second.
But then I'm done.
It's hard!
But mommy and daddy try every day to make me laugh.
Hopefully soon.
When Mommy holds my body up I like to pretend I can walk.
It really looks more like marching than walking.
I lift my knees way high.
And go left, right, left.
Or as my Aunty Robynn in the army would say,
"Leeeft, leeeeft, left, right, left".
She's deployed and I haven't met her yet.
I can't wait!

Luvs. Dezi.


  1. <3 awe that made me smile, laugh, and cry. can't wait to meet you too dez!

  2. What a wonderful Mommy she has to write such beautifully entertaining updates!