Monday, July 1, 2013

So Blessed

Eventful weekend.
Desiree had her first shots and took it like a champ!
Then we went up to Wyoming.
My mother and her husband just got a place in Star Valley.
It was our first time traveling with Dezi.
First time not sleeping in her own bed.
It was a little rough.
But we had fun.

I am taking a beginners photography class.
So I practiced a little this weekend in pretty Wyoming.

Then on Sunday Desiree had her baby blessing.
She is so perfect.
And so lucky...
Her grandma (Kevin's mother) made her beautiful dress!
It's too bad all that work goes into it and she only wears it once.

Desiree and her Nana (my Mom)

Dezi with Uncle Levi always being so silly.

Kevin loooves the sun, and loooves to read...found him out here.

Mom waiting patiently to roast some weenies on the fire!

 So glad all these great people could come!

With Grandma and Grandpa Anderson

Grandma and Grandpa Fullmer

Daddy kisses.

Desiree's cousin, Miles, walking so good!

And his parents. Levi, my brother, and his beautiful wife, Sonnett.

Kevin and his lil' bro, Brett


  1. great photos Rose! what kind of camera do you have?

  2. Well thank ya!! I use a canon rebel T3i.