Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Book Club Picnic

I am in a book club.
I feel oh so sophisticated saying that I am.
But let's be honest.
I rarely read the books.
And all we do is get together and chat.
Maybe, maybe, the book is discussed for a short period of time.
It's an attempt.
But really it's just an excuse for all of us girlfriends
to set a date each month to get together.

I was the host this month.
I chose Snapper by Brian Kimberling
Don't read it.
I read one chapter and even THAT was hard.
I hate reading.
And when a book doesn't draw me in within the first 10 pages...
I easily give up.
It was on Oprah's "must read - humorous book list".
So I thought it might be a good one.
Anyways, I still had fun setting up for our get together. 
I set up blankets in the backyard.
Had some pillows.
Set up a station for our chicken salad wraps.
And even set up a mister in front of a fan in case it got too hot!
I know.
Then plugged in my iHome and had Kina Grannis playing.
She's legit for this kind of cuteness.
Wish I took more pix of the actual set up of my picnic.
But here's me and a few of my good friends that were able to come.
Chantel, Lyndsi, and Tricia.
*Sad you couldn't make it Shalese, Aubree, and Mery*


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