Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Fashion

I've been really bad at taking pictures lately, but maybe that's because not too much is going on. So I decided to make a list of fall 'musts' for all those fashionistas out there!

Something I am looking forward to is finding the perfect faux fur vest! The hunt is on....

I'd like to find something like this...

If you are daring enough, a new trend for the fall is bright wash pants! I'm leaning towards red or purple myself...

I think skinnies are the best for sure. I think every girl should have a pair of perfect fitting skinny jeans in their closet. You never have to worry if they are too long to wear with flats or too short to wear with heals, or if they will look too bunchy under boots! If you're gonna start anywhere, start with black. It's very slimming and doesn't show every bulge and bump as well.

Now the next thing, I am not a big fan of myself. Polka Dots! However, if it is the right piece of clothing, and the right size of polka dot, it can be quite feminine and pretty. I love a tiny polka dot blouse the best but most of them are so sheer. I'd just wear a nude/white fitted scoop neck t-shirt underneath.

Yay! Finally modest skirts are in season! Buh-bye mini's! Here comes the midi skirt! I really love pleated midi skirts.



and now....nails. :D

nudes for sure! But try and go two shades darker or lighter than your natural skin tone.
blue hues: chanel came out with 3 new denim inspired colors - blue rebel, coco blue, and blue boy

then of course, RED. I prefer darker reds, but not too dark like a wine color. Something like ESSIE: fishnet stockings:

and last, creamy grey purples like this:

HaVe A bEaUtIfUl FaLl DaY!!

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