Thursday, September 8, 2011


To finish off our summer Kevy and I went to Lagoon! I only took one picture of us on the way because my battery died. I think we are getting too old for Lagoon, we didn't last very long and didn't go on as many rides as we used too haha. It was still so much fun though. 

 We join the MUSS every year and to start the school year off with a bang we attended the UofU vs Montana State game...and we WON! GO UTES!!!

 Then to finish off a great week we celebrated my Grandma's 75th birthday! Happy birthday Grandma! We love you! We all ate at the Lion House. And yum yum I just can't resist their rolls. But all my relatives from all over came and it was so good to see everyone! I'm sad that my immediate family couldn't be there for most of the weekend, but oh well, I see them enough anyways haha. 

Just outside of the Lion House.
 I just had to have a picture with the beautiful Temple Square flowers.

 Inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Me with my sweet, beautiful cousin Dee. It was sooo good to see her again! She lives in Cali so it's hard to chat as much as we'd like. Facebook can only do so much. :D
Love you Dee!

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