Monday, April 9, 2012


Getting ready this morning (planning on wearing the green pencil below) and am thinking what can I wear with this today? I started to think of some of my recent purchases and kept noticing they were all some shade of green! It was actually super frustrating! Once I got to work I told my friend my dilemma and started to realize just how much green stuff I have....ALL purchased (or a gift) since late January!....I had no idea I liked green so much recently, but apparently, I must.

Left to Right 1st Row:
mint cardi: J.Crew ~ green blouse: J.Crew ~ teal heels: Nordstrom ~ teal journal: Barnes & Noble ~ mint dress: Forever 21

Left to Right 2nd Row:
turquoise bracelet: Forever 21 ~ teal neckace: Forever 21 ~ mint skinnies: Urban Outfitters ~ turquoise necklace: J.Crew  teal nail polish: London Butter ~ mint nail polish: Essie ~ green belt: Target

Left to Right 3rd Row:
mint clutch: ASOS ~ green skirt: Nordstrom ~ purfume: light blue (summer edition) by D&G ~ mint button up{excuse the rinkles}: J.Crew
cRaZiNeSs RiGhT!?!?

happy belated st.patty's day! lol.


  1. haha you silly girl! well its okay that you have a green fetish because it looks great on you!

  2. The mint color is so beautiful and fits so well!

    Very nice post!

    Kisses *CB*