Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thanks to you...

Jean Jacket: Lucky Brand ~ Cardigan: Nordstrom ~ T: J.Crew
Skirt: Nordstrom {old} ~ Shoes: Nordstrom
Sockies: H&M ~ Necklace: J.Crew ~ Earrings: Nordstrom
Lips: Fire Alarm by Hard Candy via Wal-Mart 

{Thanks to you} vanilla bean, for getting into ice cream.

{Thanks to you} my puppy boy, for only peeing inside once while I was at work.

{Thanks to you} deep conditioner, for making my hair feel so soft today.

{Thanks to you} my sweety, for taking an hour break from studying to cuddle.

{Thanks to you} T.V. show, Big Rich Texas, for entertaining me when I didn't feel like putting laundry away.

{Thanks to you} co-worker, who said I smell good today.

{Thanks to you} Michael Buble, for making me want to dance like a goof.

{Thanks to you} followers, for making me feel like I am inspiring, interesting, and just liked.

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